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Shesensu Instructors

Natasha Knight

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Classes: North London

One Yoga- 15 Myddleton Rd, N8 7PY

Ground Studio -4 Femme Park Road, N4 4ED

About: Natasha has over 35 years experience in the fitness industry. Her life's dedication has been helping the wellbeing of others.  She is trained across all disciplines including Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Zumba,  Boxing and Meditation. She is a highly sought after teacher  in North London, known for her knowledge, kindness and professionalism. Her energy and passion will move you. 

Denise Vassell

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Classes: Coming soon...

About: Denise has invested and worked really hard with her fitness training and development. Movement is her passion, and she loves to encourage and inspire others with her teaching. She brings her African roots into the Shesensu programme. Denise is a true influencer leading by example with her wellness lifestyle!

Tara Oakley

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Classes: North London

Nuffield  Princess Park Manor, 264 Royal Drive, N11 3BG

Mondays 10.30 am Members Only 

Fusion Park Road  Park Road, London N8 8JN

Tuesdays  10.15 am Pay as you go. 

About: Tara has been teaching and performing over 20 years. Tara is the creator of Shesensu fitness! She really wants you to try Shesensu and feel free in your body, 

Sarah Aarons

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Classes: South London

Crystal Palace. See Sara's Website for details. 

About: Sarah has a huge experience in the fitness Industry across disciplines. She has a strong focus on women's fitness and is inspiring women to be their best self and most importantly enjoy & share the fitness experience. 

Noreen Ahmed


Classes: Rochdale

About: Noreen is a popular Exercise to Music, Egyptian dance and Fitness Instructor in the North West. She recently won Entrepreneur of the Year- North West. She is the first teacher of Shesensu in the North West and she is loves sharing the principles of Shesensu and getting women involved in movement.

Susan Soiza


Classes: Gibraltar

About: Susan is our first Shesensu teacher outside of the UK. Susan is based in Gibraltar and has classes coming soon. Susan is a dynamic and generous instructor with amazing technique, she's excited to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of women of all ages. 

Elisa Baravalle

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Classes: Coming Soon. Based North London

About:   As well as teaching Shesensu, Elisa is a belly dancer and Personal Trainer. Elisa is an experienced and generous teacher who loves the full body movement concept of Shesensu. Elisa has an excellent understanding of the body and excited to make a difference in the fitness world. 

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